Pentmap provides a place for public communication on the map with machine translation. Rules will be established so that all users can enjoy the convenience and enjoyment, and use the service with peace of mind, making the most of the expressive power of the map. These are not intended to suppress the self-expression of the user, improved by our own judgment by the availability of services, make the changes.
Pentmap also wants people around the world to have conversations at the same time. Considering the context of conversations between users, we will constantly work on improving the rules so that we can create an optimal place for communication.

Prohibited act

The following actions are prohibited.
Pentmap is based on the premise of international exchange. In order to create an environment that is appropriate for ethnically diverse people with different backgrounds to live together, and to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts, we will, as a general rule, strictly deal with violations of the following acts.
Specifically, if the Pentmap receives a report of violations from users, it will forcibly delete the content or forcibly terminate the user's account.

  1. Aggressive acts for other users on regions, nations, races, birthplaces, religions, and politics.
  2. Conducting political and religious activities across regions and nations such as religious solicitation, etc.
  3. Act of inciting other users of this service or other third parties with false information such as fake news.
  4. Using the location information, without permission, send the following information that identifies other users or other third parties of the Service:
    1. Information such as personal name, address and contact information;
    2. Portrait;
    3. Movement information, movement route information; and
    4. Information indicating the current position of the person.
  5. The act of threatening to disclose information described in (4).
  6. Acts that encourage disclosure of information described in (4).

Regardless of the above prohibited acts, we will respond to acts that we deem inappropriate to protect the user.
On the other hand, even if it is an act that is considered a prohibited act, it can be exception that there is no problem in consideration of the context and circumstances on the Pentmap.

About translation

Part of the content posted to Pentmap is displayed in a language corresponding to the user's browser language by automatic translation. Expressions displayed by automatic translation may be mistranslated into expressions not intended by the Contributor. On that assumption Pentmap can display the original. In the event of discrepancies or inconsistencies between the original language and the content of the translation, priority will be given to the content of the original language.
Please use after understanding the above.

Account infomation

In Pentmap, registration of account information is mandatory at the time of posting. A user account holds the following information:

  1. Account name
  2. Icon image
  3. E-mail address

The information ”1.” and ”2.” will be displayed at the time of posting.

About Contents

Pentmap provides a place to widely ask for opinions, and discussions from a large number of individuals distributed on the map on topics such as news that users share.
Pentmap does not support, review, or edit specific opinions. Users should understand this and use it at their own discretion and responsibility.
There is no tolerance for objectionable content or abusive users. Pentmap may delete content that is suspected of violating the terms without prior notice to the contributor. Users can also report specific content to Pentmap. The reported content will be deleted without notice at our discretion.
Users should understand that deleting content requires the judgment and management of the operator when deleting content.